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My mom on Jaime:

I’m so, so impressed with Jaime. Did you see how he was with Brienne. So sweet! He’s come so far. He’s such a nice guy!

Me: But Mom, last week he raped Cersei!

Well…who’s to say how far it went—


Okay, yes. Yes, he did.  But I still say he’s still suffering brain damage from when Catelyn hit him on the head with that rock.


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YES!  Thank you Lu!  One reason I was able to love S3 so much was we finally got a glimpse of what goes on in Sherlock’s head and how Sherlock perceives the world.
1) Sherlock is NOT kind to himself.  In TEH we begin to see it. John’s voice in his head is derogatory, negative, unkind.  And it continues throughout the series, all the way to the culmination in his mind palace where there is not ONE kind soul to him.  No one is nice to him in his head.  And maybe it’s because that’s how Mycroft has trained him to be, but still.  Sherlock has never learned to care about himself, his body, his well-being.  Only his mind.  And even his mind is unkind.
2) Sherlock perceives everyone as wanting something from him.  Be smart, be intelligent, solve it, please can you fix it for me.  He and Jim Moriarty are much alike, but mirror opposites still.  Is it any wonder Moriarty has a special place in his mind palace?  Everyone wants something from Sherlock, and Sherlock is never one to disappoint when it comes to those he cares about.
3) We call Sherlock selfish a lot.  And yes, he is, but geeze, given how he sees himself and those around him, really who are the selfish ones?

Sherlock can be an asshole, can be selfish, but he is also, at heart, a person who wants to do good, who wants to please, and who is still that child left feeling different and hurt, like no one wants him because he is so different. S3 really gives us a lot to think about, does it not?

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So true.

It actually did pain me a lot when at the end of TEH (in the train scene) and especially in TSoT everybody was ordering him around, telling him to solve this, sort out the bomb, save Sholto, etc etc

I felt he was being almost bullied or anyway treated with a sort of violence and selfishness. Painful.

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